Welcome to a world full of colourful prints

Welcome to Peace Heart Joy, an international clothing brand with graphic, colourful prints. Our clothes are made with a mixture of silk and viscose creating exclusive products of ultimate quality.

Founded in 2018, Peace Heart Joy boasts both elegance and style in every collection, suitable for daily occasions and professional settings alike. The styles are developed in Denmark by designer Pia Hegermann Jeppesen, before undertaking production in India.

Our collections are a blend of fashion, elegance, and sophistication for women of all ages. The unique designs of each item combined with the rich colour patterns, demonstrates the unwaveringly high quality of our products.

For further help with any queries and more information please do not hesitate to contact us:

 Sales in Denmark, please contact clothing agent Dorte Steenberg Düring phone nr.. +45 22 92 86 07.


Sincerely Pia Hegermann Jeppesen